Why Can’t Young People Find Ikigai in Cities Anymore?

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Since the last Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, young people have been moving to cities to find their Ikigais because cities have had up mobile creative energy, but it isn’t happening anymore. Young people can’t feel their expectations for further growth. The period of high economic growth has ended, and there isn’t any room left for us to succeed.


Many people are realizing now that even the high economic growth was based on the false ground. We saw that at Lehman crash in 2008, and the accident of a nuclear power station in Fukushima in 2011. And the fact that our prime minister lied out loud in front of the world to bring the Olympic Games to Tokyo that Fukushima was under control. We all knew it wasn’t true, because the Tokyo Electric Power Company announced a few days later that it still had some problems. And yet, Abe didn’t restate his comments and none of the leaders in the business world tried to stop him.


Young people are disillusioned by our leaders and their values. We may have been taking the wrong path all these years.


Maybe we need to go back to the time before the Tokyo Olympic Games where many people still lived in the countryside and led a Satoyama lifestyle.     


How Young Japanese People are Finding their Ikigai in Satoyama


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