Rice Harvesting at Terraced Rice Fields in Satoyama

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We are not growing rice this year but terraced rice fields in Kumano Hino where we used to live needed some hands today, so we went there to help them harvest rice.


They were going to harvest rice on Saturday with many people who are in their terraced rice fields preserving group but they put it off till Sunday because of the weather, and on Sunday not many people could make it. It was done by the locals and they couldn’t finish it yesterday and decided to continue today.

IMG_4260These terraced rice fields are located in mountain regions and are depopulated areas. Many rice fields are deserted and only a few are left. But their rice is the best because they use water directly from the river and the water is pure near the river source.


Can you imagine the power you can get if you eat fermented brown rice from terraced rice fields?


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