Satoyama Cycling Has Become a Part of Our Lives

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It has been just over a year since my son started riding a bicycle.


This is a picture I took soon after he learned to ride his bike.


Since then we have been riding our bikes to everywhere.


Well, just after a month, he had an honor to go cycling with people who came from Groningen, the world bicycle capital.

4月サイクリング2This year we started cycling all the way to the library and to the main supermarket which is about 5 kilometers away: 10 kilometers roundtrip.





Today, we cycled to Ujisato Festival which was held at the town hall across from the library.

It was a scorching day like most days these days, but for some reason, we didn’t feel hot when we rode our bikes; it was rather comfortable feeling the wind. I think it is to do with our Ikigai diet: We are able to adjust ourselves to the environment .

後ろ向きサイクリング Look at him. Now he can even look back as he cycle.


It won’t be too long when we can try Biwaichi together.


Maybe I should add cycling to the lists of holistic sports.


If you don’t know what holistic sports are, watch this video.


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