This is the 222nd post: What Does the Number 222 mean?

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This is the 222nd post in this blog. I began writing this blog in March 2017 and it has been nearly 1 year and a half. For the first 6 months I managed to upload a post every day during the week, then it became random for many months, and recently I started writing 7 days a week.

writing 4

I suppose I have done pretty well, considering the fact that English is my second language and it takes twice as long as writing posts in Japanese.


So, I decided to celebrate it. By the way, I do recommend that you celebrate your accomplishments time to time, so that you can feel happy about what you have now, which is one of the secrets of the law of attraction.


The last time I celebrated this blog was when I uploaded 108th post, because 108 was a significant number and we use numbers in ZENWSP as well as natural rhythm to advance your projects.


So, what is significant about the number 222?


It is a number of balance.

yin and yang

Yin and Yang is the base of ZENWSP, and we stress the importance of balance in everything we do; the balance between sustainability and prosperity, the balance between a masculine approach of planning and a feminine approach of going with the flow, the balance between aggressive style of communication and non-assertive style of communication, the balance between body and mind or physical health and mental health, and so on.

ZENWSP Pechakucha2Integration of three elements is another thing we value in ZENWSP and Sanpo-Yoshi is the symbol of the new trinity.


Especially with this new concept of Sanpo-Yoshi which can be used outside of business context, we can transform our way of doing things in many areas: It can become a symbol of new era.


The number 222 also means the creation of new beginnings, and I feel Sanpo-Yoshi can bring a new beginning in our evolutional process.

Blumen craft beer

Well, enough of the crap, I am going to open a bottle-haha.


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