How to Find Your Ikigai Without Using the Ikigai Diagram

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If you want to know how to find your Ikigai, this is the blog post you are looking for. I am introducing a way to find your Ikigai without using the diagram which has become the symbol of Ikigai.


This diagram can be useful if you are the kind of person who knows a lot about yourself and understands society well, but if not, maybe it is difficult to answer some of the questions.


That is my experience after having coached some people on it.


Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them. This is a famous quote by Einstein. Most of us don’t have the right mindset to tackle these 4 questions in the diagram, because we have been programmed by society. We have been programmed by our education, diet, the medical system, and the media. In order to shift our mindset, we need to deprogram ourselves first.


There are seven habits you can apply to deprogram yourself.


7 Habits to Deprogram Yourself
1, Change your diet
2, Stop watching TV
3, Stop using the Internet as much as possible
4, Take a walk in the woods
5, Grow vegetables
6, Meditate
7, Do something you don’t normally do


You don’t have to do all of them but find some actions you can apply and live differently for a while, you’ll start noticing some changes.


And yet, that is not enough. We need to build our understanding of happiness, health, and prosperity in general to come up with good holistic balanced answers to the 4 questions in the diagram.


If you regard the meaning of Ikigai to be just a way to find personal happiness, you don’t need to dig this deeply, but if you regard the meaning of Ikigai to be your life mission, you want to position yourself in the right direction, and to do it, you need to upgrade your understanding.


There are two areas you want to study; personal happiness, and social happiness.


I will keep sharing tips in those areas in the videos and blog posts.


So stick around.


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