Satoyama Near Lake Biwa: Swimming at the Mother Lake

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One advantage of living in Satoyama near Lake Biwa is that we can swim at the lake which we call the mother lake. It is a spacious lake almost like the sea, which gives us the feeling of openness. Because Satoyama is often located near the mountains, the areas can be secluded and claustrophobic, so it is a nice break to come to a big open space like this time to time.

swimming at lake biwa2It was a hot day and we did our first swimming this year.

swimming at lake biwa3My son was happy to be in the water.


Maybe the mother lake has something to do with the fact that Shiga was ranked number one in the national longevity ranking last year.


Was Shiga Ranked Number One in the National Longevity Ranking in 2017 because of Ikigai?


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