While Monsanto faces its first trial over allegations Roundup ingredient caused cancer, Roundup is sold everywhere in Japan

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While Monsanto faces its first trial over allegations Roundup ingredient caused cancer, Roundup is sold everywhere in Japan, and many people are using it without questioning.


This is exactly the kind of things I was talking about in my book Ikigai Diet that the older generations in Japanese countryside who are supposed to be our role model of health and longevity no longer practice the lifestyle we can model, and we should model young naturally conscious people instead.


Young naturally conscious people would never use Roundup or any other agricultural chemicals: They know about Monsanto and one of the reasons they were against Trance Pacific Partnership was that it was a system to let companies like Monsanto operate freely in Japan.


Japan had a great environment until the beginning of high economic growth period, but since then chemical fertilizers, agricultural chemicals,  F1 hybrid seeds, genetically modified corns as feed and eventually Roundup have been slowly introduced into this country. It is all backed up by our government and the older generations I am talking about here have supported the government.


We had a wonderful tradition but within this tradition, we had this mentality not to question the authority whether they are the government or teachers.


But the young naturally conscious people whom I talked about in the book are different. They question the government, they question the teachers. They do their own research to check if the information presented to them is true.


Since Ikigai Diet is modeling the lifestyle of the young naturally conscious people, it is different from other Japanese teachings, many of which are based on the mentality of not questioning.


I talked about it in the video below, too.

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