Ikigai Business Is Sanpo-Yoshi Business part4: Making Your Business Environmentally Friendly

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In order to feel Ikigai in your business, it is better for your business to be Sanpo-Yoshi and that is because Sanpo-Yoshi includes the element of Seken-Yoshi, which means being socially friendly.


My definition of Seken-Yoshi in today’s world has the following 5 elements.

1, Making your business small

2, Making your business local

3, Making your business environmentally friendly

4, Making your business socially just

5, Making your business holistic


Let me explain the third element today: Making your business environmentally friendly.


By making your business small and local, it automatically becomes environmentally friendly.


You can also produce some eco-friendly products or services. For example, you can be a farmer using organic farming or natural farming; you can run a natural food store selling those organically or naturally grown food; you can run a restaurant serving natural food; you can sell environmentally friendly detergent, shampoo, or soap; you can produce clothes made of organically grown cotton or hemp; you can build houses and furniture using domestic wood; you can design eco houses, you can offer tours based on green tourism, you can be a provider of alternative energy; you can produce eco-friendly cars; you can promote public transportation system; you can build bicycle roads; you can design a bicycle friendly city; you can support people moving to the countryside; you can produce movies and dramas with ecological concepts; and the list goes on.

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