The Book, IKIGAI BUSINESS Introduces the Concept of Sanpo-Yoshi, the Symbol of Happiness, to Express the True Meaning of Ikigai

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Drinking cold sake is hygge for me.


This is Suzumasamune which is sake from Hino Town. It is produced by Yao brewing which is a descendent of an Omi-Hino-merchant.


There is nothing more soothing than drinking Omi-Hino-merchant’s sake in the room where an Omi-Hino-merchant used to live. Unfortunately, the Omi-merchant lived here doesn’t make sake anymore even though he was in brewing business, too. Yes, a lot of Omi-Hino-merchants were in the fermentation business making sake, miso, and shoyu.


As I said before, Ikigai can be subjective, and you can feel Ikigai in nearly anything as long as you feel joy and meaning in that activity. That is why many Japanese people say they feel Ikigai when they play golf or go running which is okay as personal happiness. For many people, that itself is too much of a task to complete. It is better to be happy than feeling depressed or living a boring life.


However, it isn’t good enough for me. I didn’t come into this world to be just happy. I have been searching all my life to find ways for everyone to be happy. Ikigai to me is pursuing this life mission to bring happiness to all. Therefore I am thrilled with Omi-merchants’ concept of Sanpo-Yoshi.


Especially when our economic system is the fundamental cause of social unhappiness, changing the way we relate to economy plays a big role in bringing happiness.


It is a book to find your Sanpo-Yoshi business, hence the main theme is business: It isn’t a book about happiness or longevity like other books on Ikigai. Nonetheless, it will make you happy by discovering the work you can truly enjoy, and if you read Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity, as well,  you will find a lot of clues to be happy and healthy. Therefore I recommend that you read both books. .



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