Building an Earth Oven with Children

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My son participated in an earth oven making workshop in Hino. It was held in Zao which is a neighboring community, and many families from the local network attended it with children. Most of the kids will be going to the same elementary school, and again, I felt hope in the future of our neighborhood.


More and more people in Hino are turning organic and it is wonderful to see it happening within my neighborhood. There are 4 elementary schools in Hino and my son will be going to Nishioji elementary school. It is a regular public school but it is very small; one class in each year and there are about 10 pupils in each class: There will be just 4 in my son’s class. Therefore it can be flexible and parents can participate in school affairs more easily than big schools.


There are about 6 families with children who lead organic ways of living in Nishioji area, and that can be quite influential, given the size of the school.


We made pizza in the oven.


I am giving a 2-day workshop in Japanese on December 2nd and 3rd.


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