Zen and the Art of Writing Part 7: Yin and Yang of Writing

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I have been talking about writing in the last 6 posts, and I have covered the following points.

1, To write a blog, you want to produce massive, high-quality contents. It will help your SEO.

2, To stand out from the crowd, write unique contents.

3, In order to develop your original contents, you want to have a wide variety of life experience.

4, The best way is to get inspirations from your higher-self, and to do it, you want to be congruent with your higher-self.

5, Good contents are not enough to make your blog readable, you need writing skills to back them up, and to improve your writing, you need a lot of writing experience.

6, You don’t need to make your blog a piece of artwork, you can just make it simple and easy to understand.


Many of the things I have talked about are Yin aspects of writing, or right brain aspects. To make your writing more holistic, you need Yang approaches, as well.


When I started writing novels, I was writing without making the outlines. I sat in front of the computer and words just appeared, and a story gradually unfolded. Usually, I finished my story after two months or so. The works themselves weren’t bad; many people who read them gave me positive comments. However, when editors read them, they pointed out many problems.


So I decided to change my approach: I wrote a synopsis first, next I wrote the outline chapter by chapter. Then I started writing the main story following the outline. The editors said that my writing had improved a lot, and I felt it, too.


Did I lose my creativity?


No, on the contrary, it enhanced my creativity by bringing some organization. Although I had the outline, I was free to develop the scene within the outline and sometimes change a bit. The outline served as a stopper, and I didn’t go off the track even though I was immersed in the imaginary world. I felt as if my right brain and left brain were working together to bring a good harmony.


Blog writing is the same. You can outline your weekly writing or monthly writing. Then for each topic, you make a brief outline of your post. In this way, you don’t go off the topic.


Having said that, sometimes you don’t have time to make your outline. In that case, it is easier to just write whatever comes up in your mind. To write your blog frequently, you need to allow yourself to write anything you want to write about.


You can have the combination of the two. Some days, you write based on your outline, other days, you write spontaneously.


Finally, there is no right way of writing. Everybody has your original way of writing, and it is okay. Whatever you write, it shows who you are, and your potential customers are the people who have the same wavelength as you. You naturally draw people who like your writing and drive away people who don’t.


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