Zen and the Art of Writing Part 5: Gain a Lot of Writing Experience

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I have been talking about writing in the last few posts, and I said that in order to develop good contents, you needed to experience a lot of things in life and have a holistic viewpoint. You also needed to be congruent with your higher-self.


To put good contents in your writing though, you need to practice writing. The best way I think is just write a lot. Don’t think about how to write, just write what you want to write. To be able to write well, you need to have a lot of writing experience.


Starting a blog is a good way to practice your writing. If you write every day or 5 days a week, soon, you’ll gain a lot of writing experience.


In the beginning, probably you won’t write well, but as you keep writing, you will gradually develop your writing skills.


After writing 6 months or so, you can start paying attention to writing techniques. I am covering writing methods in the newsletter. Click here to get a free newsletter


You need the first 6 months to ferment your thoughts and develop your original writing style.


If you learn writing techniques first, you lose your chance to foster your creativity.


Besides, you don’t want to write too well.


Why is that so?


I will discuss it tomorrow.


I will be giving talks in Japanese this autumn. The first one will be on October 14th in Hino town, and the second one will be on October 21st in Tokyo.


You can find the details at the site below.



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