How to Deprogram Yourself from the Old Paradigm.

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In order to be successful in the new era, we need to think and act according to the new paradigm. However, it isn’t easy for many of us since we have been programmed to think and act according to the old paradigm.


Have we been programmed?


Well, being programmed is a harsh word, but there is a certain truth in it whether it is done deliberately or by accident.


For example, in order to remind you of the definition of success, I had to spend many pages in the book, and many posts on this blog, because it is ingrained in us that a mansion with a swimming pool, high-rise condo, Porsche, and private jet are the symbols of wealth. We have been watching a lot of movies and TV programs depicting these images, and we have been hearing countless conversations about how envious some people feel of those people who have them.


What about sports? A lot of us are crazy about the World Cup, the World Series, and the Super Bowl, but do you know how these sports were born? They were created as substitutes for wars.


Well, in that case, aren’t they better than wars?


Sure, they are better than wars, and I do watch them time to time, too. But we need to know that the competitive elements haven’t been taken out and we are conditioned to become competitive as we play them or watch them.


We see old paradigm everywhere: in our food, in our medical system, in our education, and in most corporate cultures.


Without realizing, we think, talk, and act in the old way.


Therefore, if you really want to tune into the new energy, you need to make conscious effort to deprogram yourself from the old paradigm.


How can you do that?


First, you can stop watching TV. Not all TV programs are bad but there is enough junk out there, and there are far better ways of spending your time.


I wouldn’t say you should stop doing competitive sports since there are some good elements in them, too, but you can start thinking of doing alternatives such as Yoga, Tai-chi, cycling, walking, or running for fun.


You can change your diet. What we eat makes up who we become, so it is one of the most effective ways of transforming ourselves. Eat organic food, local food, food in season, and if it is possible avoid eating meat as much as possible. If it is difficult to stop eating meat completely, you can eat less. Instead of eating it every day, you can eat it only once a week, for example.


Live in the countryside if you can. You can grow your own food, take a walk in the forest, look at stars at night, which all help you deprogram yourself from the old paradigm.


You can meditate.


Go analog regularly. Computer and the internet have many good elements which represent the Aquarian culture, but there are negative qualities, too. Most of us are spending too much time online, and we need to balance our life by doing some analog activities. You can have more face to face communication. You can stare at a fire. You can touch the soil. You can listen to live music performances, for example.


There are a lot of things you can do, but I can’t list everything here, so the best thing is you read Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity and practice it. It is designed to help you become successful while transforming yourself to be in tune with the new paradigm.


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