Three Great Things About Living in Shiga

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One great thing about living in the countryside is that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy your outdoor activities. During the summer holiday, I didn’t get out of Shiga, the prefecture I live in, to go mountain climbing, cycling, and to go to the beach.


We climbed Mt. Ibuki on the first day, and it was only 1 and half hour drive to get there. Actually, there is a mountain near my house and I can even walk there from my front door.


There are a plenty of places like that near my house to ride my mountain bike. I did some cycling with my son during the holiday.


Finally, we went swimming at Lake Biwa, which is the biggest lake in Japan and you feel like swimming in the sea.  Yes, here in Shiga, you don’t need to go to the sea to find a beach. There are a lot of white sand beaches at the lake, and they are better for children to swim.


After swimming, you can find a cafe like that.


cafe in katada

We can go to Kyoto or Osaka easily, too, if we miss a city life. Shiga is a great place to lead a country life.

Shiga is a fabulous place to visit for foreign tourists, as well. If you are visiting Japan, don’t go to Tokyo or Kyoto, but come to Shiga. I’ll tell you why in the next post.







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