How to Start a Sanpo-Yoshi-Business Part 1: Making it Urite-Yoshi

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I have been talking about Omi-merchants and their philosophy Sanpo-Yoshi for a while. This week, I will talk about how to start a business based on Sanpo-Yoshi principle.


What is Sanpo-Yoshi again?


Urite-Yoshi: The seller is happy

Kaite-Yoshi: The buyer is happy

Seken-Yoshi: Society is happy.


Let’s look at the first aspect; Urite-Yoshi today.


Well, that is obvious, isn’t it? Who wants to start a business that isn’t the seller friendly?


The thing is a lot of people who lead sustainable ways of living end up planning a business that isn’t Urite-Yoshi because we are so used to planning a non-profit project.


We need to break away from our guilt of making money and think of a profitable business, if we want to sustain our Seken-Yoshi activity. The profit doesn’t simply mean our gain; it means paying fairly to the people involved in the business, too.


Non-profit projects are okay, but we often forget the fact that we are relying on the members’ free labor.


The second aspect of Urite-Yoshi is that you want to conduct a business based on what you like doing. For any business to succeed, the owner must put a certain level of time, energy, and massive action into it. If what you are doing isn’t something you find enjoyable, you will be reluctant to inject effort, time, and action into your work. On the other hand, if you feel your business is gratifying, you will just find yourself putting in more time, energy, concentration, and action into it. You will always be motivated to wake up and head to work.


When we think of something we like doing, a lot of us say oh, I like music, or I like writing, or I like painting. Does making our business Urite-Yoshi mean we can pursue these artistic careers?


That is a good question. I will talk about it tomorrow.


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