Zen and the Art of Miso Soup Eating

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According to the plan, I was going to talk about the third way that organized people can balance your life by bringing Yin aspects into it. However, I have changed my mind and write about something different.


Miso Soup truly represents traditional Japanese food.


Recently, Washoku is catching the eyes of many, and crowds are gathering at sushi restaurants and Ramen restaurants everywhere. New Ramen restaurants open every year in New York, London, and Paris.


That’s great news. I am happy that Japanese food is becoming popular worldwide.


But, what about Miso Soup?


I mean, sushi and Ramen don’t really represent Japanese food.


Sushi certainly is Japanese food, and yet we don’t eat it every day. Traditionally, we ate sushi only at certain ceremonial occasions. Today we eat sushi more frequently, but we usually eat sushi at sushi restaurants, we don’t make it at home.


We don’t make Ramen at home either. Most people eat Ramen at Ramen restaurants, because it tastes much better when it is prepared by Ramen chefs. Besides, Ramen is originally Chinese. It came to Japan after the Meiji Restoration. It’s been around just 100 years or so.


What about sukiyaki and tempura?


Sukiyaki and tempura are other Japanese dishes which are popular abroad. How often do we eat them? Probably once every few months. Again, they are not something we eat every day.


Sukiyaki wasn’t eaten in Japan before the Meiji Restoration either. We were all vegetarians until then.


Miso Soup, on the other hand, is eaten almost every day.  We eat Miso Soup with rice and other dishes. Dishes change each day, but rice and Miso Soup don’t change. We always eat them no matter what. Rice certainly represents traditional Japanese food too, but it isn’t cuisine, it is usually cooked in one simple way.  Miso soup, however, is cooked in so many ways, using different ingredients. It is an art in the ways it is prepared, and in the ways, it is eaten.


Miso soup is our soul food.


Miso is very healthy. It is made of soybeans. It is fermented with koji mold. Fermented foods such as Miso or natto are supposed to be good for our intestines and intestines are considered to be the most important organ in Japanese natural medicine. Miso has been deemed to be a source of tastes, a source of life and a source of beauty.


Tomorrow, I am going to talk about the third way that organized people can balance your life. Meanwhile, you can eat Miso soup.


By the way, if you read Japanese, you may find it interesting to read my novel called Misosoup Romance.

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