From A.I. to E.I.

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I said that if it was too convenient, it was bad for our health at the end of my last post. Why do I think so?


This is something I learned from a doctor called Shinjiro Honma who is a Han No Han pediatrician, practicing natural farming. He is well-known in Japan as a doctor who understands both Western medicine and natural medicine; he travels around Japan giving talks in the winter time.


He said, to be healthy; we need to have a good balance of sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system. If you have too much stress, your sympathetic nervous system is constantly active and you will lose balance. If you are too comfortable and relaxed, your parasympathetic nervous system is active all the time, and you will lose balance,too. Being too convenient means you will be too comfortable. You do need a certain amount of stress in your life to keep the balance.


It makes sense from the point of view of Yin and Yang, too; the balance is important.


That is another reason you don’t want to be too wealthy. If you become too successful and have no struggle in your life, number one, it is boring, and number two, it is bad for your health. Well, then you will create some problems there to be stressful-haha.


In the last post, I talked about Satoyama cities and living in Satoyama cities will be the mainstream lifestyle in the future.


That lifestyle will enable us to practice the 7 elements of sustainable prosperity that I discussed in the book Zen and a way of Sustainable Prosperity.


The followings are the 7 elements.


1: Conducting a Business Based On Sanpo-Yoshi

2: Doing What You like Doing

3: Living In a Sustainable Environment

4: Good Relation with Family

5: Being Physically and Mentally Healthy

6: A Community of Friends

7: Growing Spiritually


The 7th element is crucial since it is related to us becoming what I call E.I.; Enlightened Intelligence.


Artificial Intelligence is catching a lot of attention now, and I think it is good so long as we can use it appropriately, but I am not certain about it since people who are trying to use it may not have the right state of mind.


However, when you live in Satoyama cities, and practice 7 elements of sustainable prosperity, you will slowly evolve yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. You will gradually transform to be part of enlightened Intelligence. Yes, Enlightened Intelligence is more like a collective consciousness of people who live in harmony with nature. You will develop senses like the 6th sense to expand your consciousness. You won’t even need to be wired to access information.


When the technology is run by E.I., we will find ways to co-exist and the technology will give us freedom to do what we really want to do, but if it is run by immature intelligence, we will be used by technology and lose our freedom. Therefore it is all up to us, and when we design our future society, we always need to include the development of ourselves, as well.



Did I tell you that I am a novelist? This is just my imagination-haha.




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