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Here is more detailed Table of Contents.

Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity

A Teaching of Omi Merchants Who Thrived In 18th Century Japan


Chapter 1: A Fatal Flaw I Discovered In Motivational Success Philosophies

Why Conventional Motivational Success Philosophies Failed To Work

Is Wealth Abundant?

The Bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and One Straw Revolution

The Accident at a Nuclear Power Station in Fukushima Changed Everything

The Sustainable Lifestyle I Was Leading Was Not Practical Enough To Change Society

Philosophy of Omi-Merchants Can Provide Solutions


Chapter 2: Why Did I Get A Mansion From An Omi Merchant For Almost Free?


Chapter 3: The Secret of Omi-Merchants Business Success

The Philosophy of Sanpo-Yoshi

What It means for Society to Be Happy in Today’s World?


Chapter 4: Business Model of Making Society Happy

Making It Small

Making It Local

Making It Environmentally friendly

Making It Socially Just

Making It Holistic

Zen and a Way of Sustainable Prosperity


Chapter 5: The 7 Elements of Sustainable Prosperity

What’s wrong With a House That Has a Swimming Pool?

1: Conducting a Business Based On Sanpo-Yoshi

2: Doing What You like Doing

3: Living In a Sustainable Environment

4: Good Relation with Family

5: Being Physically and Mentally Healthy

6: A Community of Friends

7: Growing Spiritually


Chapter 6: Choosing a Business That Has the Element of Three-Way Satisfaction

Satisfaction for the Seller

Happiness for the Buyer

How to Come Up With a Customer-Happy Business Idea

Happiness for Society


Chapter 7: Yin and Yang of Goal Setting

Do You Really Need To Start a Business?

Goal Setting Versus Going with the Flow


What Do I Need To Do To Earn $10,000 a Month?


Chapter 8: How to Plan Your Success with the Method of Natural Farming

What Is Natural Farming?

How to Apply the Yin and Yang Concept to your Business


Chapter 9: Unleashing the Magic Number 33 to Align Yourself with Success

Action Is the Key to Success

Sustainably Successful People Take Massive Action

What Are Your Natural Resources?

Unleashing the Magic Number 33

Two Kinds of Inner Voices

Successful People Do Not Change Their Method Frequently


Chapter 10: The Key to Success Is Measuring Your Progress and Customizing Your Method

No Method Is Perfect

Experimenting With Your Actions

A little Adjustment Can Often Produce Massive Results

Hiring a Coach Can Optimize Your Reviewing Process


Chapter 11: The Right and Wrong Way of Using the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

Visualizing Your Outcome

Finding a Role Model

Conditioning Yourself to Think Positive

Does the Protest Movement Produce Negative Vibration?

Is The Law of Attraction Used to Draw People’s Attentions Away From Social Injustice?

What Is The Spiritual Way Of Dealing With Politics?

Assertiveness Is the Key to Dealing with Social Problems


Chapter 12: The Key to Manifestation Is Successfully Dealing With Your Past Experiences

Why Visualization Fails to Work

It Is Easier To Visualize What You Have Accomplished Before

Visualizing Your Past Successful Experiences


Chapter 13: How to Have a Positive Relationship with Money

Is Money The Source Of Evil?

We Need To Like Money If We Want To Attract It

Paying Happily

Isn’t It Another Form Of Brainwashing?

Creating a New Trend of Success


Chapter 14: Zen Meditation Can Set You In The Right Mood To Start Your Day

Meditation Is the Most Popular Form of Morning Ritual

Zen and Other Buddhist Practices Need Reevaluation

Zen Meditation Can Connect You with Heaven and Earth

You Can Appreciate Your Past Successful Experiences as a Morning Ritual


Chapter 15: Healthy Intestines Are the New Symbols of Success

Are So-Called Successful People Insane And Unhealthy?

Health Is an Important Part of Sustainable Prosperity

The Condition of Your Intestines Determines Your Health

Omi-Merchant’s Way of Staying Healthy Is through the Process of Fermentation

Ancient Japanese Martial Art Master’s Method of Training Your Intestines

Don’t Become Too Dogmatic About What You Eat

Growing Vegetables Can Help You Stay Healthy

Shiatsu Is Good For Your Body and Mind

Psychotherapy Can Help You Discover Who You Are


Chapter 16: Enlightenment is the Ultimate Key to Prosperity

Buddha Was the Most Successful Person of His Era

Fulfilling Your Life Goals Can Help You Receive Cosmic Support to Succeed

We Need a Philosophy Based On WANT to Motivate All of Us to Transform


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