Goal setting versus going with the flow

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It is often said that goal setting is very important in order to be successful. By having a clear goal, it is easier to visualize your outcome. One thing I find in people who lead a sustainable lifestyle is that we tend not to act strategically. We don’t set goals and plan like business people, partly because we are put off by the techniques of the business world. Some of us want to go with the flow.


Yes, not setting a goal and going with the flow can be the new way of doing things. Have you ever heard of Findhorn community in Scotland? It is well-known as an ecovillage. The way the community was managed in the initial stage was very unique. They didn’t follow the traditional approach of planning. Instead, they listened to messages which were channeled by one of its leaders. Therefore they always had to be spontaneous. Findhorn became one of the most successful ecovillages of all times. Sometimes by having doors open, you can better align yourself with the cosmic force.


So I don’t deny that approach. If you want to do that, please do so.


However, I have seen a lot of cases where people took that approach and didn’t go anywhere. You know they travel 200 miles to visit a Shinto shrine, and next week, they travel to another location to meet somebody who is not related to their business at all, all because their inner voice told them to do so. And you know what? They didn’t mean anything. They sounded significant in the beginning, but after taking action, they didn’t take them to the next level.


I said that utilizing synchronicity could advance your project in one of the posts before, but that isn’t always the case. It can advance it but it may not. You need to be careful when you deal with synchronicity.

How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project

How to utilize synchronicity to advance your project part 2


When you don’t have a clear goal and plan, you often lose track of your direction and you can easily be pushed around by so-called inner voices. Personally, I have seen more cases where people took the traditional approach getting their outcome. Maybe the world is still not ready for the new approach.


You know about Yin and Yang, don’t you? It is a concept in Taoism, and everything in the universe is divided into those two opposite elements. They are neither good nor bad, but just different elements, and we need both of them. If we are pulled toward either side too much, it becomes bad, but if we keep the balance of the two, it becomes good. Going with the flow is Yin, and sticking to the plan is Yang. I think keeping the balance of going with the flow and acting with the plan is the key to succeeding in the new era.


P.S. This time, I chose the picture of a swan on purpose.


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