Jerusalem artichoke is a symbol of prosperity

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I planted Jerusalem artichokes in my garden today. Jerusalem artichoke is famous as the vegetable used in Edgar Cayce’s therapy, and recently it is catching the eyes of many as a healthy vegetable.


I have once grown it and have witnessed how powerful it is. It grows like weeds. Its stalk is so hard that even a typhoon can’t knock it down.

キクイモ2 The last time I grew it, I used a regular organic farming method. This time I am going to grow it with a method of natural farming.


By observing how it grows, I can receive its thriving energy. Especially when it is grown naturally, it should contain the pure energy of soil.


Actually, I got these Jerusalem artichokes from a natural farmer called YUTAKA-MAN, which means a wealthy man.


So, why not?


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