What would happen if you could cure yourself and didn’t need doctors anymore?

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Talking about training your intestines, a friend of mine who is an expert in this field will be touring in New Zealand and Australia this month.



His name is Takenori Hoshiko and he is the one who taught me about intestines. He travels around Japan giving workshops. He introduces techniques to cure our body by ourselves.



He wants to help us to be independent of the medical system, because the present medical system doesn’t cure us completely to make us keep coming back. Sometimes it weakens our immune system by having us constantly taking medication.



He teaches us ways to strengthen our immune system, such as training our intestines, not to get sick. We won’t have to go to the doctors anymore. Not only that, we will be filled with abundant energy. In the last post, I said that the reason why we needed to be healthy to be wealthy was we wanted to have the right state of mind to create sustainable prosperity. Another reason to be healthy is to have energy. We need energy to take action. To make differences in the world, we need to take massive action and we need energy to support it. Takenori is excellent at doing it. He himself is always filled with energy and he never seems to be tired.





Here is the workshop detail.




“You Can Cure Yourself” Workshop

by Takenori Hoshiko


No equipment, tools or medicines required… just use your own body! This great workshop will teach you how to cure yourself – to enhance your natural healing ability and keep doctors away. Our body is similar to a car: if it is maintained regularly, it goes well for many years. It a regular maintenance is not completed, the car will have a breakdown and need a repair in a garage. At the worst-case scenario, we can buy a new car – but we cannot buy a new body! In this workshop, you will learn the causes of illness/un-wellness, and ‘self- cure’ skills such as:


– Massaging to improve blood, lymph & energy flow, – Deepening breath, – Correction of posture and alignments, – Use of Tanden (Dantian) for injury prevention


– Techniques from Japanese ancient martial arts to manage & cure your body

If you practice these skills daily, you will feel your body and mind getting easier and easier.

Followings are examples you can expect to improve by your own healing practice:


– Headache- Neck/shoulder & back pain, – Blood circulation


– Fatigue, Dizziness


– Shallow breath – Depression, Panic attack, Insomnia – Periodic pain, Irregular periods


– Sterility – Menopause – Eczema – Cancer – Autonomic imbalance – Improving immune system function


If you learn how to maintain yourself in a good shape, your natural healing ability will greatly be enhanced, and you will feel more active, free and inspired


■:March 20 2017


Helensville (near Auckland)

For more info, send a mail to



■:March 25 2017

12:00〜14:00(beginners) 14:30〜17:30(intermediate)


For more info, contact Daisuke Hiratsuka



■:April 2 2017


Gold Coast Australia

For more info


For further information, contact Yumi through facebook

Or send her a mail at u324@hotmail.co.jp



Takenori Hoshiko


Born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan, Takenori had suffered severe slipped disc when he was very young. Takenori had seen many doctors – he was told he needs a surgical operation and could be on the wheelchair rest of his life.


With countless trials and errors, Takenori has taught himself to how to heal himself, and recovered well enough to run at full speed when he was 24 years old.


After having recovered from the back problem, Takenori became to be filled with joy to be born to this world and hoped this spirit extended all over the world. Takenori travelled around the world for 8 years with his music. In South America, Takenori has organised a festival to promote Japanese culture and tradition with a local government.


After having come back to Japan, Takenori had a chance to learn more professional skills from a self-curing master. Since then, Takenori has been eager to introduce his self-curing skills to anyone who wants to gain a good health to achieve her/his own goal in life and to enjoy his/her life to fullest – just like he is doing.


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