Do you want to be successful, and yet, you feel that you have to give up your sense of spirituality or integrity in pursuing that path?

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You’ve read some success motivational books or attended seminars and somehow were put off by them, because all they talk about is living in a penthouse suit in Upper East Side, or driving a Ferrari, or buying stocks here and there.


On the other hand, you feel that rejecting materialistic values altogether and living secluded from the rest of the world doesn’t seem to take you anywhere.


If that is the case, this is a blog for you.


I am sharing some wisdom from Omi-merchants who thrived in the 18th century Japan. They were one of the most successful merchants at that time and today’s many corporations were born after them.


They were very wealthy but were also well respected, because they conducted their businesses in a way that they can contribute to the society, as well.


They had a great philosophy called Sanpo-yoshi, which made them different from other merchants and I feel this philosophy can solve many of the social problems we have today.


What is Sanpo-yoshi? I’ll talk about it in the next post.


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