Natto Recipes for Vegans

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Fermented Soybeans called Natto have so many benefits including weight loss, beautifying your skin, purifying your blood, strengthening your bones, helping your digestion, and strengthening your muscles. Natto is a great substitute for meat, so it is a must food to have, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.


Having said that, not all Natto dishes are vegan. They are usually vegetarian but sometimes you need to be careful if you don’t eat any fish or eggs.

納豆冷やし中華Natto on cold ramen that I introduced isn’t vegan, for example, because ramen noodles contain eggs.


Alternatives to cold ramen, you can have Udon or Somen which are made from just wheat.

そうめんとろろ納豆2This is whole wheat Somen and you can eat it with Tororo Okra Natto.

Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part3: Tororo Natto

Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part4: Okra Natto


You can pour Tororo Okra Natto on Somen.


Make sure that you make Dashijiru, the soup, with Konbu and soy sauce. A lot of Dashijiru is made from dried bonito.


When you make Natto curry, too, a lot of the curry mix sold at the stores include some animal products, so you want to make your own curry spice by adding curry powder and flour.


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