How to Make Natto from Mint

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If you want to learn how to make Natto from mint, this is exactly the site you are looking for.

I told you the way to make Natto, fermented soybeans, from rice straw, but if you can’t get hold of rice straw, what can you do? Rice isn’t grown everywhere, and even if it is in your area, you still have to ask farmers to give straws to you, which can be troublesome.

What if you can obtain Natto germs from mint which is grown in your garden? Mint is grown everywhere and it is easy to grow it in your garden, too.

Well, it is possible, and I am going to tell you how today. So stick around.


My name is Sachiaki Takamiya and I am the author of IKIGAI DIET: The Secret of Japanese Diet to Health and Longevity. I wrote this book based on the diet and the lifestyle of young naturally conscious Japanese people because I think they are the healthiest people in the country with the longest life expectancy: They are the latest successors of Japanese natural medicine and philosophies, where many of the health related practices such as the macrobiotic diet, Shiatsu, and Aikodo are all based on.

I also live in Satoyama near Like Biwa where fermentation is practiced regularly.


Apparently, Natto germs are found in most wild plants, not only rice. This means you can extract Natto germs from wheat, mint, or any other plants. In my garden, there happened to be a lot of mint; this is wild mint, I am not growing it. So I decided to give it a try.

ミント収穫You just cut some mint, and wash it well.


You boil water to cleanse mint just like you did it for rice straw.


Then you put the mint in boiling water for about 1 minute. With 100 degree centigrade water, most germs on the mint die except the Natto germ. This is an important step to separate Natto germ from other germs that you don’t need.



Then you want to cut the leaves,


You want to stick the mint stalks into steamed soybeans, Regarding how to soak and steam soybeans, please look at How to Make Natto From Rice Straw Sticks, on my other blog,



Then you want to cover the beans and mint with a cling film to keep the moisture inside. This time mint sticks don’t make holes in the cling film since they are softer than rice straw sticks, you need to make holes yourself by a pin or a fork.


Finally, you ferment it in the yogurt maker just like you did with rice straw. Again, please refer to How to Make Natto From Rice Straw Sticks  for details.


24 hours later it becomes like that.


You can see that the beans turned white. It means they are fermented.


When you mix the beans, they get sticky and you know they became Natto.

That’s it. That is how to make Natto from mint. The steps are the same as making Natto from rice straw, you just replace rice straw with mint stalks.


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