Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part6: Natto with Stir Fried Vegetables

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Fermented Soybeans called Natto have so many benefits including weight loss, beautifying your skin, purifying your blood, strengthening your bones, helping your digestion, and strengthening your muscles. Natto is a great substitute for meat, so it is a must food to have, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.


So, since last week, I have been introducing different recipes to enjoy these incredible fermented soybeans.


Today I would like to share Natto with stir fried vegetables. Yesterday I said that Natto germ would be more activated when it is heated up. This is another way of eating heated Natto.


First, you chop vegetables into small pieces.


Next, you stir fry them.


When the vegetables are cooked, you add Natto.


Then you pour soy sauce over them.


That’s it. It’s very simple.


Again, you want to eat it with fermented brown rice, miso soup, and pickles.


Tomorrow, I am going to reveal my secret; the reason why my Natto is bigger than usual Natto.


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