Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part5: Natto Curry

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Fermented Soybeans called Natto have so many benefits including weight loss, beautifying your skin, purifying your blood, strengthening your bones, helping your digestion, and strengthening your muscles. Natto is a great substitute for meat, so it is a must food to have, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.


So, this week, I have been introducing different recipes to enjoy these incredible fermented soybeans.


The downside of Natto is that some people find its stickiness not pleasing. So today I am introducing a recipe that you can gain the benefits of Natto without the stickiness. That is Natto curry. Once you put Natto into curry, it loses the stickiness and tastes like regular soybeans. Another word, it isn’t good for Natto lovers. And yet, the benefits increase because Natto germ is more activated by being warmed up.


In order to make your Natto curry more holistic, you can apply the principle of MA GO WA YA SA SHI I.



I put Satoimo, which is a type of Taro. I told you there are several different kinds of Taros in Japan; Yamaimo, Nagaimo, and Satoimo.  This is Satoimo and it is part of I as in MA GO WA YA SA SHI I.


Satoimo is rich in fiber and it tastes better in curry than Jagaimo which means regular potatoes so I like to put Satoimo in curry.


Another thing that is rich in fiber and tastes good in curry is Daikon raddish. So I use it, too.


You can put other vegetables like squash, carrots, onions, potatoes, and zucchini.


After putting curry powder, you can put Natto into curry.


納豆in curry

Like that.


You can put Okras as well if you like, but you want to put them at the end because you don’t want to overcook Okras.

納豆カレーIn Japan, we usually eat curry with rice, so in my case, I eat it with fermented brown rice.


What is fermented brown rice?


Watch the video below.

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