Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part4: Okra Natto

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Fermented Soybeans called Natto have so many benefits including weight loss, beautifying your skin, purifying your blood, strengthening your bones, helping your digestion, and strengthening your muscles. Natto is a great substitute for meat, so it is a must food to have, especially if you are vegetarian or vegan.


So, this week, I have been introducing different recipes to enjoy these incredible fermented soybeans.


Today’s recipe is Okra Natto.


These are Okras.


First, you boil them just for a short time.


Next, you cool them down by pouring cold water on them.


After that, you cut them into small pieces.


Then, you put them in a bowl.


You add Natto there.


Then you pour soy sauce over them or whatever spice you want to add.


Make sure you mix them well.  You mix them 50 times to get the stickiness comes out.

You can get the stickiness both from Okra and Natto, and this combined power will give you a lot of vitality.


Again, you want to eat the Natto with fermented brown rice and miso soup.


You can put Okra Natto on rice if you like. This is Kanto style. Kansai people don’t seem to put Natto on rice.


And, if you like you can put Tororo over it.


Or, you can mix the two and make it Tororo Okra Natto. By the way, my soybeans are quite big aren’t they? If you have eaten Natto many times before, you may be used to seeing them smaller. Well, this is the secret of my Natto, and I will share it with you some other time, so stick around with my blog.


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