Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part3: Tororo Natto

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Fermented soybeans called Natto is a powerful food, and this week I have been introducing some Natto recipes. Today’s recipe is Tororo Natto.


What is Tororo?


It isn’t Totoro as in My Neighbor Totoro, it is Tororo.


Tororo is made from Nagaimo which is a kind of Taro. Imo in Japanese means potatoes including regular potatoes, sweet potatoes, and Taros. Imo is part of MA GO WA YA SA SHI I, and  especially sweet potatoes and Taros are very good foods to eat in Ikigai Diet.


What are MA GO WA YA SA SHI I?


Watch the video below.


There are several different kinds of Taros in Japan; Satoimo, Yamaimo, and Nagaimo. You can make Tororo from Yamaimo or Nagaimo.


This is Nagaimo.


First, you peel the skin.

grating nagaimo2

Then you grate Nagaimo.


It becomes like that.


You add some vinegar.


Then you add some soy sauce.


Finally, it becomes like that, and this is Tororo.


You want to eat it with fermented brown rice, miso soup, pickles, and Natto. This time you don’t put anything in Natto because


You put Natto into Tororo. This is Tororo Natto.


Usually, you put Tororo Natto on rice to eat it with rice.


It is absolutely fantastic because you get the power of Taro, fermented brown rice, and Natto. And it is so delicious.


What is fermented brown rice?


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