Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part2: Fermented Soybeans on Cold Ramen

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What is Natto?


Natto is fermented soybeans, and I consider it to be the king of fermented foods because it is known for all kinds of benefits.


One downside of eating Natto, however,  is that the taste isn’t appealing to some people. It is usually to do with getting used to it. Those people who say they don’t like Natto have tried it only once or twice, while people who have continued eating it over 10 times usually get to like it, and some of them will be hooked to it.


Nonetheless, it is always nice to have some ways to make it appetizing. So this week I am going to introduce different recipes to enjoy these super fermented soybeans.


If you are into Japanese food, I bet you like ramen. While I don’t think ramen is a good food to eat for your health, cold ramen isn’t too bad since it hardly contains fat.


We call it Hiyashichuka in Japanese, and you can eat it with Natto.


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First you boil water. While boiling water, you cut cucumbers into small sticks. When the water is boiled, you put ramen noodle in the boiling water and boil it for about 3 minutes. Then you take it out of the pan, and pour cold water over it to cool it down.


Next, you put the cold noodle on a plate and put cucumber sticks over it. You also put Natto and Tofu over it. Finally you sprinkle some sesame seeds and pour sauce over the noodle.


If you like you can put tomatoes, lettuce or any other kinds of vegetables, as well. It is a great dish because you have Tofu, too, which is another kind of fermented soybeans and you have sesame seeds which are part of MA GO WA YA SA SHI I.




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