Natto Recipes for Ikigai Diet Part1: What is Natto?

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What is Natto?


Natto is the super food.


Natto is the king of fermented food, and fermented food is good for our intestines which are regarded as the most important organs in Japanese natural holistic philosophies, where macrobiotic diet, shiatsu, aikido, and Japanese ancient martial arts are all based on.


I am the author of Ikigai Diet which is a diet for health and longevity, but the true purpose of Ikigai Diet is to help you live with Ikigai which means to bring total happiness into your life through making yourself happy, making people you interact with happy and making society happy.


I came up with Ikigai Diet by modeling the diet of the healthiest people in the country with the longest life expectancy. Another word, Ikigai Diet is the healthiest diet in the world.


What is Natto?


Natto is the best food in Ikigai Diet.


Well, that is not true. You know it and I know it, If you understand the concept of Ikigai Diet, combinations of the foods you eat matters, how you eat matters, how the ingredients are produced matters, how you feel when you eat matters, and therefore one single dish shouldn’t be the best.


Of course, you don’t want to just eat Natto. You want to eat fermented brown rice, miso soup, pickles, and other vegetables, as well.


Nevertheless, if I can choose only one dish to recommend out of all foods I introduced in Ikigai Diet, I will choose Natto.


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What is Natto?


Some people love it because it is absolutely delicious but others hate it because it has a terrible smell and taste.


What is Natto?


Natto is fermented soybeans. We ferment soybeans with bacteria called Bacillus subtilis. It is also called Natto germ. Natto germ is considered to be the two strongest bacteria, and it doesn’t die even if you boil it with 100 degree Celsius, while other germs die.


There is even a rumor that Natto germ is extraterrestrial origin.


How to eat Natto?


The most common recipe is you eat Natto with Negi, spring onion, Japanese mustard called Karashi, and soy sauce.

natto with negiYou usually eat it with rice and miso soup. In Japan, a lot of people eat Natto for breakfast, but in Ikigai Diet, I recommend that you eat Natto for dinner because the best time to consume Natto germ is at night.




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